National pornography scandal

This week, I had to be down under doctors orders after a trip that ended up in a mess and I failed to reach somewhere where I was required to be a Moderator. But I am back today and thanks to all that cared since Wednesday last week, I am home and safe. But I returned to office to a National pronographic scandal, well known senior and respected Malawians all married decided to take pictures of themselves naked throughout 2004 to 2006. When I recieved a bunch of them, I dismissed them as very irrelevant and thought it is a closed matter. But lo!, they keep coming and people are coining phrases to attach to them. One daily newspaper has find it fit to dignify the scandal by leading the story.
Now all of us, we really are serious that we have stopped working and are using company resources including the internet and phones just to gossip about these people's pictures which someone I am told stole and distributed.
Really, I am ashamed to be a Malawian if we can all reduce ourselves to such a level. I hope the children of the three involved in the scandal will be spared the trauma and we should all delete the pics as they come. Vendors selling them should be reported to Police and of course the owners should go to church and repent.
I never thought we could ever have a national porno scandal!!


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