World Cup South Africa: Africa can do it

This is it! Mnet yesterday premiered Micheal Jackson's This is, already accessble on DVD across the continent but was not availble on television. There were six of us watching switching between the Mnet Channels and Channel 223 where Superspot was beaming Brazil versues Ivory Coast game.
Ivory Coast lost, but Africa again won the game. This is a continent which has been written off by many people. This is a continent which big channels like BBC and CNN are still looking for a breaking news in terms of security lapses at World. Unfortunately Africa has arrived and the World Cup proves that we can do anythng the World can.
We no longer need special allocations, nor doubting Thomases who thought Sepp Blatter wanted a cheap vote by saying Africa should host the World. No Africa is a continent fully awake to its reality, that is why those playing the 'Washington Concesus' games should start changing strategy.
Africa is no longer a backyard colony of any nation, the legacy of the World, thanks to Madiba Nelson Mandela and the People of South Africa will leave a great legacy of our capacity to do things on our own.
Stadiums are always full, vuvuzelas blowing and even with some of the worst refereeing against African teams, slowly we are marching, slowly we are going to freedom as the Somali artist anthem is suggesting.
The development of Africa's most popular game, is development of the grassroot people, the game people like Drogba, like Wea and others started playing in back street not in football Academies.
England, with is Premier League boosted by Africa, cannot peform at the World Cup. The Germans won on a fluke, so far it is Brazil and Argentina looking serious just like the Japanese and other Eastern Nations.
The United Nations, IMF, World Bank and the World Trade Organisation, all should now know its time to change. The European Union, perhaps too should shift its thinking over the EPAZ negotiations.
The World Health Organisation position on generic drugs vis a vis access to better health needs a revisitation.
You can no longer subsrcibe to Africa without hearing and adopting its position!
Otherwise just as Jackson final contribution to the World of Music was a timely THIS IS IT!
Yes this it time for Africa- the change if you cant adopt quickly will overtake you as the sleeping continent is now fuly awake. Go Africa!


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