The long journey to 2014

Between my last posting, a lot has happened. The Malawi flag has changed with a majority against it, Professor Peter wa Mutharika got himself and endorsement and just yesterday a cabinet reshuffle came into reality.
Someone asked if I had opinion over reshuffle, I told him Malawians will be good at speculating but the real truth remains with President Bingu wa Mutharika- as it pleased him to keep all of those that were in cabinet and fire him.
Others angrily accuse Mutharika of making a 'family affair' out of state positions. They claim his brother and wife as the reasons.
It is difficult to understand Malawians when they want to make an arguement. Mostly it is emotional than factual. Jeb Bush was a Governor while George his brother was a President. His wife was running the Malaria Initiative- nobody questioned anybody.
But that aside, before I speak, nothing that I write here is related to any position both locally or international where I am affiliated as a consultant or full time employee. Some weak minds hopelessly try to drag me into issues for my opinion.
As I said, First Ladies all over do have their own work to do, mainly charity. There might have been over excitement in announcing her positon alongiside the cabinet list, but seriously there is nothing wrong with it. Everybody already knows her position.
But we are on the way to 2014, so Mutharika and his cohorts need to be a little extra careful when making some pronouncements, the "desparate and panic button" seems to be everywhere in all parties and all personalities.
Joyce Banda is a strong woman and she has already gone through a lot. There might be pain on how she lost the Ambassadorship for Safe Motherhood, but Malawi has enough causes that needs everybodys attention. I dont think that should be an issue to split our two first women.
Callitsa the ever cheerful Zomba parliamentarian is part of the presidency by marraige, Joyce by work, I find it amusing someone to say the two are competiting. For what?
If Joyce Banda has presidential ambition, which is a very normal thing, give her space and time to organise herself. In politics the one with the best strategy wins and that will happen in DPP once the euphoria launched a three weeks ago stabilises.
For Professor Peter Mutharika I dont not equally see anythign wrong for him to be endorsed by anybody, after all we are living in an open society where those that want to take an early test to anthing are allowed.
The challenge will be for him to stand the heat and scrutiny as he will be compared as a presidential candidate throughout the next foure years, something he might not be confortable with as his statement, dress, language and everything will be interpreted as campaign or playing big. He needs smart strategists to tame long tongues faster.
The firing of Goodall Gondwe, Khumbo Kachali, Patricia Kaliati and Kingsely Namakhwa raises many questions, but mostly I think there is very little public sympathy on the characters. They opened their mouth widely and forgot to stand with the public.
All I can say is that the journey is in its infancy stage and we will see and hear lots of things. But some public reactions are just very unnecessary.


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